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Open Forum Meeting (Zoom) and A.G.M. Monday 29th November 2021 from 19:00 – 20:30 RSVP for Zoom code

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There is a great feeling of re-growth in the Physical Activity world and as your members and associates begin to return to your events, we must look towards a different future both in society and Physical Activity.

Swindon Sports Forum is here to help, and our annual open meeting is set to respond to your needs over the coming year.


· Introduction and welcome Ian Jankinson (Chair) 5 mins

· Report on activities during 2020-21 Ian Jankinson 20 mins

o Core plans for 2021-22

§ Club/Association/Group Needs Analysis Discussion

§ Talented Athlete’s Academy

§ Senior Games

§ Allocation of Small Grants – up to £1,000

§ Funding Workshops – help with bid writing - £1,000 - £10,000

§ Project funding workshops - £10,000+

§ Providing low-cost courses

§ Help with Coaching bursaries

· Financial Report 2020-21 Sue Gravell -Treasurer 10 mins

· Breakout Groups – ‘How can we help?’ 20 mins

o Feedback on our Core Plans

o 3 Key priorities for Swindon Sports Forum

· Feedback from Groups 20 mins

· A.G.M. 10 mins

o Election of Officers – Nominations and Seconds and voting

§ Chair

§ Vice Chair

§ Secretary

§ Treasurer

§ Grants Officer

· Close and Thanks 5 mins


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