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Swindon Sports Forum secures funds to issue grants to Sports/Physical Activity Clubs/Associations operating within the Borough of Swindon.

What we offer:

There are 3 categories of grant:

  1. For Club Development

  2. To increase participation

  3. For Individuals (through Head Coach of an accredited club)


1) Club Development

Grants  will be made available for club development. It is proposed that there will be at least 10 grants made each year of a maximum of £1,000 each. Grant applications for less than £250 will not be considered.

These club development grants can be used for:

  • Infrastructure

  • Equipment

  • Coaching (education, cost of coaching etc)

  • Facilities


2) Increase Participation

Grants can be made to increase participation for groups/individuals including those that are less likely to participate due to limitations. These can be:

  • Disability,

  • Ethnicity/Cultural

  • Age,

  • Finance,

  • Transport

Grant applications of up to £1000 will be considered. ( £250 will be the minimum figure granted)


3) Individual

Grants can be made to individuals to help them improve and progress as athletes, helping them to reach their full potential. Grants need to be made through the head coach of an accredited club (accredited by Swindon Sports Forum, the sports’ relevant national Governing Body, WASP etc. ). Individual grants can be used for:

  • Travel,

  • Equipment,

  • Education i.e. Coach Bursaries and courses

Individual grants are up to £500. In the case of these individual grants, the person concerned should reside in the Borough of Swindon, though the sports club/association concerned may operate outside the borough. These individual grants will be judged on their own merit separate from any Club Development  grants.

Clubs can therefore also bid for a Development Grant or Participation Grant at the same time as an individual grant application from the same club. This is designed to remove any conflict of interest for a club trying to secure a grant at the same time as one of their members.






  • Locality - club must reside in Swindon Borough.

  • Club must be at least level 1 accredited through SSF, WASP, Sport England or their own National Governing Body.

The assessment panel will consider grants primarily or partly designed to help under 18’s. The funding will only cover the cost of a maximum of 75% of the cost of any project.

Clubs must declare any grants received or applied for from other sources (this will not affect a clubs chances of receiving a Sports Forum grant unless the grant received is funding the same project)

Funding can only be for projects that have not yet happened i.e. a club cannot be reimbursed for a previous project.

A club can only receive a maximum of £1200 in funding during any 2 year period i.e. £600 in year

1 and £600 in year 2 or £300 in year 1 and £900 in year 2 etc (excluding Individual grants).

Aims of the Grants

The objective of the grants is to raise the standards of sport in Swindon at all levels and to increase participation in sport. These standards can be raised through improving performance levels, upgrading facilities, developing coaches and increasing participation levels.

Who is eligible for Swindon Sports Forum Grants?

Applications can only be made by Authorised Officials of Physical Activity Clubs/Associations (and individuals through Sports Clubs) that reside in Swindon Borough.

The sports club must be: -

  1. A member of the Swindon Sports Forum

  2. Accredited to at least level 1 through Swindon Sports Forum or have achieved Clubmark status through WASP, Sport England, or the sport’s National Governing Body. (If your club is not yet accredited contact our Coordinator –

How will the grants be decided?

Swindon Sports Forum has an assessment panel of 3 members of the Sports Forum who will evaluate each application and score them against predetermined criteria to decide which applications are successful.

Funding Agreements/Monitoring & Evaluation

If the application is successful, the club will be required to sign a Funding Agreement which sets out the commitments made by the Sports Forum and the club or individual. Failure to comply with the conditions of the Agreement will result in funding being withdrawn.

The club will also be expected to co-operate with monitoring systems that enable the Sports Forum to meet relevant statutory requirements. For example, clubs will be required to take part in an annual monitoring exercise and complete a financial monitoring form detailing how the grant has been spent.

  • Grants must be spent in the calendar year in which they are awarded.

  • Grants are awarded on a basis of a single application and there should be no assumption or expectation that further funding will be received.

Good News and Publicity

All Sports Forum Grants have opportunities to create good news stories of people and local communities. As part of your funding agreement we ask that you publicise that you received funding from Swindon Sports Forum and that you share examples of your activity and publicity with us e.g. videos, photos, newsletters.

Assistance in completing an application

Swindon Sports Forum provide courses to help clubs complete grant applications, For further details contact us using the e mail here.

Receiving your application

Where possible all applications will be formally acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt where possible.


The Swindon Sports Forum can help provide training for clubs and coaches to help meet minimum delivery requirements and governance standards.

For information about Emergency First Response, Safeguarding, Club Management or Mental Health first aid, please get in touch


The Swindon Sports Forum operates an accreditation scheme In order to ensure the quality of Sports provision in Swindon, and the sustainability of our clubs.

The Sports Forum Accreditation is a stepping stone to being able to achieve Clubmark accreditation through Sport England. Any clubs who have already achieved Clubmark, or their NGB equivalent, do not need to apply for the Sports Forum Accreditation.

Benefits of accreditation:

  • Members/parents can be assured that the club is well run and offers a safe environment to play organised sport.

  • Adhering to equity and child protection guidelines gives parents confidence when choosing a club for their children.

  • Achieving accreditation aids the development of coaches by ensuring that they are all suitably qualified to the standard they are coaching at.

  • Enables clubs to apply for funding – please note only accredited clubs can apply for Sports Forum grants.

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