Sport Forum Grants and other funding sources

Sport Forum grants

Swindon Borough Council  funded by Swindon Town Football Club’s Community Initiatives Fund (CIF) has provided the Swindon Sports Forum with funds to issue grants on an annual basis to sports clubs operating within the Borough of Swindon.

Aims of the Grants

The objective of the grants is to raise the standard of sport in Swindon at all levels and to increase inclusivity and participation in sport.
Standards can be raised through improving performance levels, upgrading facilities, developing coaches and increasing participation levels.

Who is eligible for Swindon Sports Forum Grants?

Applications can only be made by authorised officials of Sports Clubs (and individuals through their Sports Clubs) that operate in Swindon Borough.

The sports club must be;

  1. A member of the Swindon Sports Forum (Please register by contacting James Moss at VAS – (Contact details here) and attend Sport Forum meeting regularly
  2. Accredited to at least level 1 through Swindon Sports Forum or have achieved Clubmark status through WASP, Sport England or their own sport’s National Governing Body. If your club is not yet accredited – contact our grants officer Neil Bromley at


  • Funding can only be for projects that have not yet happened i.e. a club cannot be reimbursed for a previous project.
  • Clubs being supported by the Sport Forum to apply for a larger grants from other sources will not be allowed a club grant in the same year
  • Grants will be decided solely on the information included on the application form

What will be funded?

There are two categories of grants available for sports clubs;

1. Club Development

Up to £1200 is available for club development grants. We will only fund up to 75% of your project. These club development grants can be used for projects to improve Infrastructure, Equipment, Coaching (education, cost of coaching etc),Facilities

2. Increase Participation

Grants of up to £500 are available and will be made to help increase participation for groups/individuals including those that are less likely to participate due to limitations. These limitations may be: Disability, Ethnicity, Age, Gender, Income, Transport

The assessment panel will favourably consider grants primarily or partly designed to help those participants with limitations

How will the grants be decided?

Swindon Sports Forum has set up an assessment panel of 4 members of the Sports Forum that will evaluate each application and score it against predetermined criteria to decide which applications are successful.

There will be one annual meeting of the assessment panel to make these decisions in August/ September of each year. Applications need to be submitted by the last day of July each year.

Details of dates are available here

Send your application to

If you need assistance in completing the Grant Application Form please contact  Voluntary Action Swindon or 01793 538398

Funding Agreements Monitoring & Evaluation

If the application is successful the club will be required to sign a Funding Agreement that sets out the commitments made by the Sports Forum and the club or individual. Failure to comply with the conditions of the Agreement will result in funding being withdrawn.

The club will also be expected to co-operate with monitoring systems that enable the Sports Forum to meet relevant statutory requirements. For example, clubs will be required to take part in an annual monitoring exercise and to complete a financial monitoring form detailing how the grant has been spent.

Grants must be spent within 12 months of being awarded.

Grants are awarded on the basis of a single application and there should be no assumption or expectation that further funding will be received.

Good News and Publicity

All Sports Forum Grants have opportunities to create good news stories of people and local communities. As part of your funding agreement we ask that you publicise that you received funding from the Swindon Sports Forum and that you share examples of your activity and publicity with us e.g. 30 sec phone video, photos, newsletters.

Acknowledgment of receipt of your application

Receipt of all applications will be formally acknowledged within 10 working days of receipt.

For more information

Email: Grants Officer Neil Bromley at


Applications for individual grants

Applicants will be directed to the GLL sports foundation grant which are available on an annual basis.  Contact GLL Sports Foundation directly

Applications for Larger grants

Any club interested in applying for a larger grant for a club development project can get support through the Forum. Contact Gladys Barr for more information about funding sources